Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well... in the past month I've learned a few, rather important, things.

1. Don't drop the only computer you own if you can't afford to fix it. Even as it left my hand, I could hear the head crash from the hard drive. That little SCReeeeee sound is the sound of $50.00 flying out of my bank account.
2. Don't agree to help your friend move because he said he'd do the same for me. I did, he didn't. So a comparatively small (2 bedroom) apartment move took an entire 3-day weekend instead of less than 1 day that is should have.
3. Don't believe any finical counselor that says you're out of student loan money. EVER. Apparently after that counselor left for maternity I was transferred to a new one who took one look at my account and "found" $5800.00 that was lost. So now I'm going back to school after all. that will be 9 of my last 12 core credits out of the way. Yay!

So a new hard drive, new apartment, and that much closer to a degree. All in all not a bad month. Now that things are settling down, I hope to be updating much more often. (fingers crossed).