Friday, April 8, 2011

First! :)

I know everyone's rolling their eyes... I can hear it from here "Oh Gawd..." you all sigh, "He's one of them". Yup, I am. I just learned an new name for my affliction. Content/ Device Dependency. Basically I can't not have my mobile in my hand or laptop on my lap. I live on tech blogs. DIY sites are my caffeine. If I'm not playing Angry Birds, I'm on Facebook. I believe that in the future, we won't be naming generations "X" and "Y", but after their favorite devices. Current generation children, I dub thee the iPad generation. You're welcome.
Anyway, as I've not used Blogger before, I'll be testing its different features so don;t be shocked if I upload a picture of a cute doggie right after a cadaver dissection. I'm ADD like that.